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Legos 2.5 Pounds Bulk Random Clean LEGOS also By-the-Pound

20.00 by CH in Oswego, Jan 01
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Legos 2.5 Pounds Bulk Random Clean LEGOS also By-the-Pound in Naperville

Lego pieces, parts, and bricks, pulled from a larger batch. Our system of sorting and counting allows us to get a good mix of larger to tiny pieces without too many of one kind. The photo shows a sample of the kind of larger batches we pull from. You are not guaranteed the lot you see in the photo. We can no longer identify these specific lots so treat them as a sample only. Our pieces may include: "1 by x" pieces, bricks, slopes, connectors, washers and other small pieces, thin "2 by x" or plate pieces, specialty pieces like wings, accessories, arches, wheels/tires, windshields or cockpits, sticker pieces, transparent, and more. There are no mini-figures included. These are random lots and do not guarantee that any certain sets are included. We do pull VERY large pieces because of the package size limitations; no burps, boat hulls, or large base plates. We do have some of these, just ask. The photos should show the type and quality of our Legos.
We have many lots of 1025 pieces. These are pre-bagged lots of about 2.5+ pounds.These are $20, a great gift or incentive. Full of creativity!

We will also sell by the pound. These will be 99.9% Legos. You may find a Mega Blok or other in the mix, but not many at all. They are just not as carefully sorted as the 2.5# bulk packages, but we have gone through to take out all non-Legos we find. We always put in a couple extra ounces in order to make up for any broken or odd pieces you find. These are also clean and smoke free. $10 per pound. You can have more control over the pieces you choose, such as very large pieces.

Avoid shipping charges on eBay!!! Buy local.

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